MEDIA Token Distribution

Update May 6, 2022: Due to technical delays, we’re expecting MEDIA emissions to resume May 30, 2022. At that point, we’ll announce which pools & exchanges will be eligible for rewards. Last week we worked hard with our friends & partners at FTX/Alameda to resolve some minor technical delays related to the MEDIA unlock schedule. We want to thank them for their support & assistance in solving this. We also wanted to clarify that no MEDIA has been unlocked for any categories yet.

We’re pleased to share a full breakdown of the MEDIA token vesting schedule and emissions rates.

Since our Raydium AcceleRaytor launch, the Media Network Token (MEDIA) has garnered attention in the crypto space. We want to thank the community, the Raydium team, and our partners at Alameda Research for their continuous support and advice. As exciting as this is, we want to make sure that new investors, bandwidth providers, projects building on top of Media Network, and enterprises looking for CDN services understand all aspects of the token and the economics of the network before diving into the project.

While we’ve touched on tokenomics and vesting schedules at a basic level in the Media Network whitepaper, we have yet to give such an indispensable topic the deep dive it requires. Here we touch on the specific aspects of tokenomics to fully understand the MEDIA token emissions during the next seven years.

95% of all MEDIA tokens are locked up long-term; this means that the core players, including the seed investors, are committed to the project’s long-term success.

MEDIA detailed allocation.

MEDIA Token Allocation

Expected allocation of pre-minted MEDIA supply (10,000,000) April 2028 (7 years from launch)

Below are the descriptions of each allocation.

Pre-Seed (1,000,000 MEDIA)

The Media Foundation raised a pre-seed in the winter of 2020 from our only strategic partner: Alameda Research. All tokens are fully locked the first year with linear unlock during the next six.

Advisors (600,000 MEDIA)

Incentives for our growing network of advisors to continue their incredible support in various areas, helping to continuously push Media Network to new heights with their respective areas of expertise and experience. All tokens are fully locked the first year with linear unlock during the next six.

Liquidity (500,000 MEDIA)

100,000 MEDIA unlocked at launch for exchange liquidity. These tokens will be used to provide liquidity for multiple exchanges. The rest is fully locked the first year; linear unlock during the next six.

Pool (100,000 MEDIA)

The Foundation raised 1,000,000 USDC from the community in our recent Raydium AcceleRaytor launch distributing 100,000 MEDIA. A total of 74,000,000 USDC were deposited into both pools, while the unallocated 73,000,000 USDC were refunded back to the depositors. The price was fixed at 10 USDC per MEDIA. All of these 100,000 MEDIA tokens are unlocked and in circulation.

IDO (50,000 MEDIA)

MEDIA-USDC LP launched using 500,000 USDC from the public raise plus 50,000 MEDIA provided as initial liquidity for the AMM. All of these 50,000 MEDIA tokens are unlocked and in circulation.

Staking & Rewards (2,000,000 MEDIA)

Reserved for Media Edge, Media Guard, Media PeerPool, and Raydium Fusion Pool rewards as part of the S&R program explained in our original whitepaper.

Out of the total, 300,000 MEDIA will enter in circulation gradually during six months since the TGE; 222,358.8727 MEDIA as part of the Raydium Fusion Pool Emissions and 77,641.1273 MEDIA designated for initial & fixed Media Edge node incentives.

The remaining 1,700,000 MEDIA are fully locked during the first year and will unlock linearly during the next seven years, remaining into the S&R contract along with the protocol’s revenue from usage (a portion of the data transfer fees paid by platforms using the CDN service).

Ecosystem & Partnerships (2,250,000 MEDIA)

To fund the development and accelerate user adoption of dApps and products within the Media Network ecosystem. This will include community grants to incentivize external developers to build new projects on the network. These funds will also be used for new partnerships with other projects, marketing, and promotions. Fully locked the first year with linear unlocks during the next six.

Team (2,000,000 MEDIA)

Team tokens are fully locked for one year from the TGE and then unlocked linearly during the next six as an incentive to remain committed to the project’s long-term success and to facilitate the team’s continued expansion over the years.

Tech & Infrastructure (1,500,000 MEDIA)

These tokens will be used for tech-related company acquisitions or mergers, bare metal dedicated servers, and also general networking costs to keep the network operational and healthy for the first years of existence. Fully locked the first year with linear unlocks during the next six.

Raydium Fusion Pool Emissions

Provide liquidity to the MEDIA-USDC pool and stake the LP tokens on the Raydium Fusion Pools to earn MEDIA rewards. Emissions will last 26 weeks since the 4/30/2021 launch, and 222,358.8727 MEDIA will be distributed to LPs stakers through the MEDIA-USDC Fusion Pool.

Google Spreadsheet: Media Network Token Distribution

About Media Network

Media Network is a new protocol that bypasses traditional CDN providers’ centralized approach for a self-governed and open source solution where everyone can participate. Media Network creates a distributed bandwidth market that enables service providers such as media platforms to hire resources from the network and dynamically come and go as the demand for last-mile data delivery shifts.

Token Addresses:

Solana — SPL: ETAtLmCmsoiEEKfNrHKJ2kYy3MoABhU6NQvpSfij5tDs

Ethereum — ERC20: 0xdb726152680ece3c9291f1016f1d36f3995f6941










Media Network: A Peer-to-Peer Content Delivery Network

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Media Foundation

Media Foundation

Media Network: A Peer-to-Peer Content Delivery Network

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