Media Network to Have Its Own Track at the Modular Hackathon, Ripio’s Grand Event

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3 min readJun 15, 2023

Ripio, one of the most influential cryptocurrency exchanges in America Latina, is set to host the grand event, Modular. This occasion will encompass a Hackathon, where various teams will have the opportunity to pitch their products to VCs and elevate their projects to the next level.

Additionally, there will be a multi-stage event where speakers from around the world discuss the future of the financial sector. We’re thrilled to announce that Media Network will be participating in the Hackathon, and we will also be present at the event for networking opportunities.

The inaugural edition of Modular is slated to debut in Buenos Aires, with plans to extend its reach to other regional countries in the subsequent years. The event is projected to draw a crowd of over 1,500 participants, inclusive of partners, startups, financial institutions, regulators, members of the crypto community, and industry leaders.

Modular will unfurl in two distinct stages: The opening act will be a Hackathon scheduled for June 17th to 19th, set to take place at Ripio’s headquarters. This segment is aimed at nurturing the growth of the local ecosystem, providing an avenue for talented teams to showcase their innovative projects before an esteemed panel of judges, with the added incentive of winning valuable prizes. The main event will ensue on June 22nd, set within the acclaimed cultural venue, Usina del Arte, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

At its core, Modular’s primary objective is to facilitate a crypto summit that delves deep into the vast potential of blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, the latest developments in Web3, and trending ecosystem topics. The summit seeks to elucidate how these innovations can be integrated across various industries, propelling companies toward the embrace of the digital economy.

The event, underpinned by its principal sponsors Circle and Think & Dev, will host an array of talks, workshops, and round table discussions helmed by industry leaders.

These sessions will illuminate the potential applications of the crypto ecosystem across diverse businesses. Central discussions will revolve around the latest trends in blockchain for business growth, the intersection of Web3 and Artificial Intelligence, the establishment of private blockchains and a global payment network, the adoption trajectory of stablecoins in Latin America, regional crypto regulations, and case studies of successful technology adoption in traditional companies.

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