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Media Network - Development Update

It’s time for another update! ⏲️

We’re bringing some changes to the CDN service, the Media Solana Program, and the Media Edge/Media Guard software. A little bit of adding here, some subtracting over there. As always, feel free to submit any requests or ideas to the team! 🔥

What do we have in store this week?

  • Media Edge v0.2: GeoDNS is now enabled on Media Network! With this new feature, Media’s CDN service is blazing fast, allowing users to download files or stream videos from their nearest Media Edge, reducing latency and improving overall performance. Check out these CDN response times:
Click here to run a CDN performance test.
  • Network Expansion: Due to incredible demand for our CDN service we’ve added 150+ Gbps network capacity deploying new Media Edge nodes in the following cities: Toronto / Chicago / Los Angeles / London / Amsterdam / Frankfurt / Cluj / Paris / Santiago de Chile / Sao Paulo / Hong-Kong / Singapore.
  • Smart-Contract Updates: Pushed new updates to the on-chain Media Solana Program, with improved performance when Media Guard and Media Edge nodes synchronizes with the blockchain. Service providers can now also remove resources from the network, a very requested feature!
  • Media App: Aesthetic and multiple bug fixes with new animations and overall faster loading speeds thanks to performance upgrades when interacting with the blockchain.
Check out this resource:
  • Developers: Please migrate your old resources ASAP: As we continue upgrading and improving the network, new CDN resources will now be pointed to both (Web2) and .dcdn (Handshake) TLD.

What does this update mean for previous resources created on Media Network?

Resources added before this release, pointing to and .medtv WILL have to be migrated over and added again to the network using the updated Media App as they’re not part of the new on-chain program. Old resources will still be accessible and delivering content until all Media Edges are switched over. Please re-create the resources to enable faster download speeds, GeoDNS, and improved performance for your websites, APIs, or Apps currently powered by Media Network’s CDN. Access the Legacy Media App to interact with the previous program and to check your old CDN resources before migration.

Wrapping it Up

That is all for today’s release notes! Stay tuned for more updates and improvements! As always, you can hit us up on Twitter, Telegram, or Discord to let us know the features, improvements, or bugs you’d like to see tackled next 😎

About Media Network

Media Network is a new protocol that bypasses traditional CDN providers’ centralized approach for a self-governed and open source solution where everyone can participate. Media Network creates a distributed bandwidth market that enables service providers to hire resources from the network and dynamically come and go as the demand for last-mile content delivery shifts.

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