Ethereum Rio: Your Ultimate Guide to the Community’s Biggest Event — Sponsored by Media Network!

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3 min readMar 28, 2023

Media Network will officially sponsor the second edition of Ethereum Rio, a popular Latin American conference that attracts creators, builders, and thinkers worldwide.

Media Network is a decentralized protocol that provides a marketplace for buying and selling web services without censorship or interference. Through its decentralized architecture and smart contract enforcement, we’re building a new generation of digital experiences prioritizing privacy, censorship resistance, and user sovereignty.

In Ethereum Rio, we aim to encourage the adoption of decentralized web infrastructure globally and empower individuals by giving them control over their data and content.

Let’s dive into what’s in store for this exciting week ahead in the Ethereum community and Brazil!

Why Ethereum Rio? 🇧🇷 🍃

The Ethereum community stands out as one of the strongest and most vibrant in the world, continually demonstrating its resilience and strength in tough market conditions.

The community’s numerous events, including the popular Ethereum Rio conference, offer valuable opportunities for networking, learning, and sharing of ideas among thought leaders, builders, and creators from all around the globe.

Sponsoring a major event in Latin America as our debut appearance on a large scale is a strategic move that will help advance the adoption of decentralized web service infrastructure globally. The web services marketplace can greatly benefit web applications by promoting decentralization and fighting against potential censorship from governments or centralized entities.

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As the regulatory landscape in the industry continues to evolve, events like Ethereum Rio provide a platform for discussion and collaboration on critical topics. These community gatherings help showcase the tremendous potential of blockchain technology and the Ethereum ecosystem, paving the way for a more decentralized, equitable, and sustainable future.

Countdown Begins: Don’t Miss the Ethereum Rio23 Conference 🤝

Ethereum Brazil is an institution focused on spreading blockchain technology, Web3, and the Ethereum ecosystem. The organization seeks to promote the adoption of blockchain technology, encourage innovation, and connect individuals and businesses interested in Ethereum. It regularly hosts events such as meetups, workshops, and talks to educate and connect the Brazilian blockchain community.

Additionally, the community works in partnership with companies and institutions to promote the adoption of blockchain and Ethereum solutions in the Brazilian market.

Ethereum Brazil believes that blockchain technology and Ethereum have the potential to transform many sectors, from finance to governance and social development, and is committed to supporting innovation and Web3 development in Brazil.

The Main Event Venue will take place from March 28 to 30 the Museum of Art in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where around 500 vibrant people will participate in activities to continue learning and promoting the importance of the Web3 ecosystem.

The objective of Ethereum Rio is to become a platform for thought leaders in blockchain and Ethereum innovation to speak and participate in panels over two days, focusing on key topics such as SBTs, ZK & Privacy, L2 Innovation, Security, UX & UI in Web3, NFTs & Gaming, DAO Governance, and more.

There will be workshops where everyone can educate themselves and network to learn more about all the projects from Brazil, Latin America, and worldwide.

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