Development Update

  • Network Expansion
  • Improved handling of DDoS attacks and traffic spikes
  • Revamped Media App
  • Deprecated Legacy Network
In this example, we’re proxying the Uniswap Interface from our IPFS Gateway. Media dCDN is serving it with a custom domain name.
  • Graphical enhancements. New detailed instructions.
  • Several UX improvements such as origin field auto-completion (when pasting an origin, the app will automatically input the correct protocol/ports when available)
  • New ‘Labels’ feature for easier organization. These are stored on-chain!

About Media Network

Media Network is a protocol that foregoes traditional centralized CDN approaches and opts for a self-governed, community-powered alternative. We’ve created a decentralized bandwidth market that enables anyone to hire or provide resources from the network as the demand for last-mile content delivery fluctuates.



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Media Foundation

Media Foundation


Building Media Network, the world’s first decentralized CDN.