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3 min readApr 13, 2022

Storj (pronounced: storage) aims to become a cloud storage platform that can’t be censored, monitored, or have any downtime. It is one of the first decentralized, end-to-end encrypted cloud storage platforms.

Storj was first described in a white paper published in December 2014. It was later described in an updated white paper published in December 2016 and then launched in late 2018.

Storj comprises many interlocking pieces working together to create a unified system. As people interact with different system parts, they get a different idea of Storj. Each party can have a different experience interacting with the same system.

What is Storj? It’s a protocol, a suite of software, and the people who design, build, and use it. It is very similar to our very own approach with Media’s dCDN.

The Storj Protocol

Storj’s core technology is a peer-to-peer storage contract. It’s a way for two or more people to exchange storage for money without knowing or trusting each other. They call the computer selling space the “farmer” and the computer purchasing space the “renter.” The renter and farmer meet, negotiate an agreement, and move data from the renter to the farmer for safekeeping. There’s no need to mirror data between regions to assure dCDN seed availability.

Together, the contracting system and the network form the Storj Protocol. It describes how nodes on the network behave, how nodes communicate with other nodes, how contracts get negotiated and executed, and everything necessary to buy and sell storage space on a distributed system. Anyone can implement the Storj Protocol in any way they please.

Storj + Media

Storj DCS offers two integrations with Media Network to push data closer to where customers consume it. Configure Storj buckets as the content source or stream files into Storj DCS for long-term storage.

These solutions use Storj DCS as the origin for content served by Media’s Edge global network. This reduces costs and improves security since all data on Storj DCS is protected with a multi-layered approach, including encryption, zero trust architecture, and no single point of failure.

Storj DCS’s security and performance, combined with Media’s dCDN and real-time control, seamlessly scale content delivery for items stored on the Storj network.

Please check our Docs to learn more about this integration and detailed steps on how to integrate both protocols right away.

About Media Network

Media Network is a protocol that foregoes traditional centralized CDN approaches and opts for a self-governed, community-powered alternative. We’ve created a decentralized bandwidth market that enables anyone to hire or provide resources from the network as the demand for last-mile content delivery fluctuates.

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