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Happy new year to the Media family! It’s time for another update.

Many of our recent blog posts have had to do with helping developers understand the Media Network protocol effectively while providing monthly tech updates. As the only dCDN in the market with a working…

The Livepeer Protocol: Decentralized Video Transcoding

Much has been written and talked about the Livepeer protocol in the last few months. They’ve accomplished something pretty impressive: a decentralized protocol that provides video transcoding services, which refers to the reformatting of a video to suit a variety of bandwidths and devices…

Media Network was born to help front-end teams succeed at scale. From the ideal non-KYC blockchain experience for DAOs and DeFi protocols to the best performance for your end-users via its worldwide Media Edge Network.

A great workflow is a means to an end: creating a delightful protocol that developers…

It’s time for another update! ⏲️

We’re bringing some changes to the CDN service, the Media Solana Program, and the Media Edge/Media Guard software. A little bit of adding here, some subtracting over there. As always, feel free to submit any requests or ideas to the team! 🔥

What do…

The Media Foundation is excited to be sponsoring Let’s Encrypt, the world’s largest certificate authority. Part of the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG), Let’s Encrypt currently provides certificates for more than 250 million websites, constantly innovating towards a more secure web.

Let’s Encrypt <> Media Foundation

Both Let’s Encrypt and…

Network Updates

Over the past few weeks, our team of engineers has been busy working on several exciting new features and network upgrades. We’re excited to introduce Media Edge caching, custom subdomains, and a new blazing-fast Media App. In addition, upgrades to the Media Guard software have been applied, speeding…

We’re pleased to share a full breakdown of the MEDIA token vesting schedule and emissions rates.

Since our Raydium AcceleRaytor launch, the Media Network Token (MEDIA) has garnered attention in the crypto space. We want to thank the community, the Raydium team, and our partners at Alameda Research for their…

A new architecture for a highly-scalable, decentralized and censorship-resistant content delivery network.

CDN History

Content delivery has seen dramatic growth over the last decade, with large publishers typically distributing the load among geographically dispersed edge-servers to improve end-user performance. A massive increase in demand for these services has fostered many centralized content delivery networks or CDNs, as we know them today.


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Media Network: A Peer-to-Peer Content Delivery Network

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